Why the Management Team Is Your First Line of Defense Against Data Security Threats – Part 1

Managers: Defenders of Data Computer viruses and malware can be devastating for businesses. Recent Crypto virus attacks left businesses down for days, and cost them in both downtime and ransom money.

And we’ve all seen the news reports about businesses that lost confidential customer data to hackers.

Keeping your company’s data out of the hands of hackers is a cat-and-mouse game. New viruses and malware are created continuously.

Your management team is the first line of defense.

Define Your Defense

Though the IT department and each employee have responsibilities when it comes to defending your business against hackers, a defense solution is still necessary.

Empower your managers to work with your IT staff to create a definitive solution to viruses and malware.

This solution should include a service that can monitor for threats in real time. This will enable you to catch malicious data before it enters your production environment.

Remember, though, that just because you have an anti-virus program installed doesn’t mean that you’re protected against other forms of malware. Some programs only scan for viruses, and malware can sneak through. Have your IT team review your anti-virus system thoroughly and determine if you need a more robust program to protect your business.

Keep your anti-virus/anti-malware programs up to date. These programs are only as good as their current definitions. Communicate to your managers that they must drive this point home with employees. Delaying updates can be as easy as clicking a button on the screen – so assert the importance of updates and make sure management cascades the information.

Beyond Anti-Virus Software

It’s not enough to just cover the obvious entry points of your business’s network. There are multiple points of entry for malicious agents — so ensure your organization is protected node to node.

This includes a good firewall that receives regular updates. This will scan traffic for viruses before it enters your office environment.

A good firewall will help keep hackers from getting access to your system in the first place. It will monitor your network traffic and prevent hackers from compromising business systems.

Once again, this is a place where managers and IT staff should work together to determine exactly what firewalls are needed for the office. Managers will have a much better idea of overall day-to-day business operations – and thus possible vulnerabilities – than either the IT department or individual employees.

Managers: Defenders of Data

Your management team is your first line of defense when it comes to protecting your business’s data. Ensure they have an open dialogue with your IT team so your information security remains tight.

Don’t have an IT team that really knows your business and is comfortable working with your management team? Let’s talk!