Welcome to the Fluid Team, Tony Grogan!

Introducing Our Newest Team Member

Tony-GroganWhen we met Tony Grogan, he was actually one of our clients. Many times over, in fact – he hired Fluid to provide IT services at several companies he worked for over the years. He got along so well with our team… well, we eventually pulled him in.

“I have always found Fluid to be an outstanding group, and witnessed firsthand the integrity and fun they had doing their work,” he told us. “I wanted to be a part of that!”

How could we say no? When the Director of Support position opened up, we knew Tony would be a great fit for it. He’s been in the IT industry for 18 years and he has built highly successful teams everywhere he has been. Bringing him into the Fluid family was one of our smartest moves to date – he’s already ramping up to take the Fluid team to the next level, identifying strengths and formalizing processes.

Poised to make Fluid, chosen as one of Dallas Business Journal’s 2014 best places to work, an even bigger player in the Texas IT industry, Tony says he looks forward to learning about each client’s business and becoming a trusted partner to them. Partnering with businesses to provide the IT they need now and priming their technology for future growth is what we do best. So Tony is already fitting right in.

“The number one thing I want clients to know about Fluid is that we are here to help them. We speak their language and we can make technology a tool they can leverage and use better,” he shared. Tony’s primary responsibilities involve ensuring client satisfaction and enhancing Fluid’s team performance. He is charged with creating formalized processes and utilizing proven methods to make the Fluid team even more efficient at handling client needs.

Tony will also be our clients’ advocate, helping them understand what services Fluid provides and giving them a person they can reach out to. He explains, “It is my desire to create a relationship based on trust and open communication. I intend to use my business experience to help businesses understand how important IT is to the little day-to-day activities. I will build relationships with Fluid clients with their businesses in mind, so that they know we will be partners in the solution – whether they think it is IT-related or not.”

Now, as you may or may not know, we love to have fun here at Fluid. In fact, having fun at work is a critical part of our company culture. We strive to hire people who are not only good at what they do, and not only love what they do, but also have a sense of humor. So of course we had to ask Tony to tell us something funny about himself.

“Before I was married to my bride, we were out mountain bike riding. I was showing off for her, trying to impress her. I ended up wiping out… hard. I was quite embarrassed, but my soon-to-be bride thought it was hilarious. I guess I ended up impressing her after all, since she married me.”

Tony has two beautiful children, an 8-year-old boy and a 2-year-old girl, and has been married to their mother for 11 years. He holds a degree in physics from Midwestern State University. Yes – physics! We are thrilled to have such a talented, unique individual on our team.