We Take IT Personally

First I must confess, I am biased. But I really believe we have the best people at Fluid IT Services. From the technicians and engineers on the ground working with our clients, to all of our operational staff, we really do zealously protect the relationship with our clients and constantly search for ways to make improvements. Yeah, so you hear that from every vendor and see it on every website — but there really is a difference if you look close enough.

Let’s take cloud services for an example. Search for “cloud services” on Google and you will get over 869 million hits! It would take a lifetime to review them all. But if you refine the search to “cloud service providers,” you come down to a more *reasonable* 58 million. Ha! Still overwhelming and pretty useless. So let’s try another angle and search “cloud server hosting” – now we’re down to 17 million. Making progress.

You will notice many of the results are cloud providers offering the same solutions – cloud servers, application hosting, virtual machines, scale CPU and storage, pay as you go; the list goes on. So what are they all missing? The answer is: the right PEOPLE.

fluid-teamWhere are all the people that make cloud solutions work, and more importantly, work the way you want and need for your company? Sure, the cloud provider has dozens of magicians behind the curtain pressing buttons and flipping switches — but where are the people that work with your and for you, the actual user?

See where I’m going? There is a gap, and a significant one. The vast majority of cloud providers offer solutions with virtually no way to support the actual users on an ongoing basis, much less to take the time to actually learn your business. To them, the cloud is the “be all, end all” — to us, the cloud is just one of many services and solutions that we employ in the client relationship.

Yes, I just said that word – relationship. How can a cloud provider meet your business needs and requirements over time if they have no relationship with you? They have no way to know what your needs are or what your needs will be down the road. Without a relationship, they simply can’t help your business grow in the direction you want it to.

At Fluid, the foundation of everything we do is to understand our client’s business and develop a relationship first. Based on that understanding, we craft an overall solution that begins and ends with people. Our clients need ready access to support of all kinds, whether technical, operational or simply advice. The Fluid Cloud is a means to an end, but when you wrap that service in a blanket of support you have something special, meaningful and sustainable.

Who is going to hold your hand when deciding what cloud services you need or even if you need them at all? Who is going to dissect your business to determine what is best? Who will then hold your hand during the process to ensure that not only is the green light “on” in the cloud, but that your users actually know how to use it most effectively? Who will hold your hand after the honeymoon is over and you need help after the fact? PEOPLE.

At Fluid, our entire business model is based on the fact that our clients and their clients need support from people that understand and take their business personally. I know, “it’s just business, it’s not personal” is a catch phrase used to prevent hurt feelings — but don’t worry about hurting our feelings. We have thick skin and want to know you personally.

Regardless of size, each and every one of our clients is precious to us, to be cherished and handled carefully. Each client has their own personality, so we not only want our people constantly involved, but we take care to understand and match personalities to ensure the smoothest relationship possible.

This gap — call it the personnel gap; or better yet, the personal gap — is something you just won’t find with the large providers. They are not built to provide a personal relationship, and often consider it a costly distraction and hassle. The fact is, it does cost money to provide the right people at the right time. It costs money to provide someone on-call, someone to come onsite and work with you face-to-face. Yet that is the very core of what we do. It’s an investment we are happy to make.

You just want IT to work for you so you can concentrate on your business. Your IT service provider should take your business personally so you can do just that. And that is where Fluid excels.