The 2015 Fluid Employee of the Year Is...

DSC_0047Choosing the Fluid Employee of the Year is no cake walk. Not because we lack good candidates – but because we have so many great candidates! We take the selection process very seriously. We tie it directly to our cultural values and our 8 core values (a.k.a. our Power Words) of Family, Strength, Dedication, Accountability, High Performance, Fun, Compassion and Devotion.

There are no favorites here at Fluid – no politics – just a very real dialogue about what our employees have accomplished each month. Sometimes the process of selecting Employee of the Year is simply gut-wrenching because there are so many people who are passionate about what they do, work hard every day, and genuinely care about our clients and one another.

THIS is what makes Fluid so special.IMG_0405

And THIS is why we are so pleased to announce our 2015 Employee of the Year: A man who has earned this title over and over again, standing out even within this team of superstars.

Congratulations, Devin Kindred!

Devin’s role morphed and expanded in 2015. He started out as a senior engineer, then took on the role of Director of Client Services. If that wasn’t enough of a monumental increase in responsibility, he also took on the management of the Help Desk team and Service Ops.

Devin handled these changes with grace, dedication and a great attitude.

He treats clients with respect, works hard for them and is focused on enabling their businesses to grow.

DSC_0097Devin is always willing to help his colleagues with projects and tasks. He has a sixth sense about when a teammate might need a pick-me-up -- and even with everything on his plate, he finds the time to mentor new team members.

Here are just a few things Devin’s teammates had to say about him…

“I’m amazed at how quickly and efficiently he seems to deal with everything on his plate, and he always seems so non-stressed and unruffled.  I have a feeling he’s like a duck – calm on the surface but paddling like crazy below the water.” “If I had a dollar for every client who had positive feedback, pure respect and complete trust in Devin, I would be one wealthy lady. He helps our clients grow and succeed with so much care and pride in what they do and with what we do.”

“He is steady, reliable, and one of the hardest workers I have ever worked with. His positivity and charismatic attitude help lift everyone up around him.”

Thank you, Devin, for everything you do for our team and for our clients. We are lucky to have you!