Save Money With Our New Cloud Packages

Fluid IT Services' new cloud packagesOutdated servers sitting in your office closet. Software that hasn’t had an upgrade this decade. Applications that you have to be in the office to use. You know this is no way for you to run your business. You know it’s time to consider the cloud. We couldn’t agree more.

But you’re worried about the cost. We know. You’re worried that moving your business to the cloud will be complicated and time-consuming. You don’t want to experience any downtime, you’re concerned that your business’s critical software won’t work in the cloud and you don’t have an IT resource you can trust to manage it all.

We hear you.

Get This…

Industry analysts estimate that companies that migrate to the cloud save 50% on their IT support costs. In fact, 84% of CIOs who have implemented the cloud cut their application costs as well. Moving your business to the cloud not only gets you up to speed with all the great technology available now, but it saves your business money.

The Perfect Cloud Solution for Your SMB


Scalable Cloud Solutions

We have been working feverishly to put together cloud packages that make it easy to migrate your business to the cloud. We have come up with flexible, scalable, business-class solutions that fit within your small or medium-sized business budget.

The best part? You get an IT resource you can trust to implement it with little to no downtime for your business.

Our new cloud solutions are customizable and include enterprise-class support, data backup, and superior physical and logical security. They were designed for small and medium businesses just like yours, so they support all the software and apps you need.

Our new cloud packages are now available to the public, and we would love to get your feedback, answer any questions or help you decide if the cloud is right for your business. Check out our new packages right here and let us know what you think!