Remote Monitoring and Management

Remote Monitoring and Management Takes Your Business from Reactive to Proactive

Remote monitoring and management Fluid IT ServicesSmall and medium businesses often place a lot of emphasis on the proactive monitoring of servers and other core infrastructure. Rightly so, because these are business-critical IT elements. In fact, for this reason our Fluid Cloud has several layers of monitoring in place to ensure that we provide the best product possible. But one of the major items that often get overlooked is your business’s everyday interface with the world: your computer.

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is a tool that assists your business on a daily basis. From making sure that your computer always has the current updates installed to early alerting of hardware failure, RMM keeps your IT administrator informed.

RMM Keeps Track of Your Business’s IT Assets

We walk in to companies every day that need a current inventory of their computer assets. Most of the time the company has an Excel spreadsheet from a couple of years ago, and it has not been updated regularly. In order to have an accurate count, that spreadsheet will be scrapped and the inventory started over from scratch. With RMM, you always have a current inventory and report of the state of your assets at a single glance.

RMM is not limited to end user devices. Servers, storage devices and network devices are some of the other hardware that can be monitored with RMM. This tool also tracks ancillary services such as network performance, backup completion and antivirus updates to ensure that the core IT “plumbing” is functional and your business has a resilient technology backbone.

RMM Keeps Your Business Compliant

An often overlooked benefit of remote monitoring, RMM assists in maintaining compliance. From PCI to HIPAA and many others, ensuring conformity to these regulations is crucial to protecting your business and your clients.

RMM Improves Productivity

Using an RMM solution, all of your business’s IT assets are available from a single pane of glass. With the ability to remotely access, install and uninstall software, as well as remediate issues, this feature can significantly decrease the time that IT has to spend on low-level issues.

Whether you have an office full of desktops or an army of road warriors armed with laptops, RMM works behind the scenes to ensure that IT is focused on fixing business-impacting issues rather than fixing computers.

The bottom line is a tool like RMM will reduce the amount of support tickets users submit for issues, thus reducing the reliance on IT support staff and decreasing related costs.

Aside from the cost savings, the avoidance of issues also means users are more productive. The value is in what you don’t see; users don’t have as many issues and thus don’t have to make as many support calls or send as many ticket requests to the “IT guys.” The RMM tool takes care of it.

Ask Fluid for a demonstration to see for yourself! We love to show off cool tools like this that can immediately benefit small and medium businesses.