Reinventing Law Practice with the Cloud

When Len Musgrove started his own law practice, he thought the traditional IT setup was his only option. Between the hassle and cost of buying hardware and software, and the continual maintenance and upgrades, he was all-ears when our CEO, Wade Yeaman, asked him, “Have you ever considered the cloud?” Once Wade explained to Len the cost savings of the cloud, as well as the convenience, functionality and accessibility Len could expect his law firm to enjoy, moving Musgrove Law Firm P.C.’s technology to the cloud was a no-brainer.

Len’s firm now enjoys the benefits of the most up-to-date software without having to buy and load new software every time there’s an upgrade. He loves the streamlined licensing and the fact that the services grow with his rapidly-expanding staff.

Len also shared that using cloud-based Quickbooks was saving his staff a lot of trouble – and his firm a lot of time and money – while making it easier to bill clients accurately and on-time.

I interviewed Len recently to get his feedback on what the experience was like moving his business to the cloud.

Did you have any concerns about having your business in the cloud?

I had concerns primarily because my old law firm had an onsite server room, and when I started my own practice I fully expected to have the same expenses.

The more and more I talked to people... and I was lucky enough to talk to Wade, who said “I don't think you need to do that,” because I had budgeted like $35k or $40k for servers and the additional space we'd have to have for it and the backups and the tapes and things.

My assumption going in was this was the way it had to be done. And obviously, I had concerns because of the confidentiality of what we do — I mean, we essentially have everybody's dirty laundry which we take care of for them — but obviously the protection of that information is extremely important both from a professional perspective as well as our ethical obligations to our clients. So I had to be convinced.

I know Wade explained to you all the cost savings and benefits of moving to the cloud. What are some of the benefits you’ve experienced?

Starting my own firm, it was the perfect time to reinvent things. The clients get the benefit of that because instead of looking at the same thing 5 times and revising it over and over again, I can revise it right there, real-time.

Now that you’ve had your business in the cloud for over 6 months, what would you say to a business that hasn’t moved to the cloud yet, but is considering it?

They need to go talk to Wade and his team. It's a significant up-front cost savings. For a law firm who is all about professional services, it's a much more efficient and logical way to match costs and benefits than it is just buying equipment up front and continuing to have to worry about that. It's been part of our process of reinventing our law practice where you don't have to make the huge capital investment and have the ongoing maintenance and all the hassle with that.

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