IT is not about finding and fixing, it's about being proactive

Break Your IT Habit

break-habits“What did you do to my PC??? It worked fine before you touched it, and now it’s broken!”

“Our Internet just stopped working and we haven’t changed anything! What happened?”

Sound familiar? Something breaks, you call your IT guy. Then it’s smooth sailing until something else breaks – and you call your IT guy.

It’s a vicious cycle. And unfortunately it’s all too common in the business world.

The Gateway into Break/Fix Addiction

Believe it or not, not all IT support companies are created equal. In fact, many are staffed with people who are not professionally trained and don’t have much experience.

Many IT vendors and IT support companies started out as one-man shops doing odd jobs and performing fixes on their friends’ and families’ computer equipment. Pretty soon, they had enough work to hire another “geek,” and voila: another Geek Patrol was born.

It’s easy to see these companies as collections of geeks who only speak techno-babble and have no clue how to run a business. And that is actually a pretty fair assessment of many of them. There is definitely a disconnect between business and IT sometimes – what the business actually needs and what the IT vendor actually provides.

The Reactive Rollercoaster

But the problem isn’t that these companies lack professional training, or lack even business training. The problem is that they enable you to stay in the break/fix cycle.

Something breaks. You call your IT vendor. They fix it. You pay them. Something else breaks (or worse – they break something). And the cycle starts all over again.

This cycle conditions you to think reactively – and it conditions your IT vendor to only show up when a problem or event occurs.

What does this do to your relationship with your IT vendor? You end up feeling like you have no choice but to call them – things keep breaking and you can’t fix them on your own. So there’s a big resentment factor too.

There is a better way.

The Proactive Approach

Being proactive with your IT resources sounds revolutionary, right? But it’s actually just sensible. Instead of waiting for things to break and calling in the Geek Patrol to fix it, hire a company with a proactive business philosophy.

If you have an IT support provider who wants to learn your business first, understand your processes and help you figure out where you’re headed in 12-36 months, the relationship becomes radically different.

Your IT vendor can then anticipate your needs and help you plan for them. No more break-fix-break-fix-break – you get the point. Your IT support can eliminate recurring issues and focus their attention on how to grow your business.

Shifting from a reactive state to a proactive approach, you not only stabilize your business, but you are able to focus on growth.

Break the break/fix habit and start working with a small-business tech support company that works with you proactively.