How to Set Up Email on Your iPad

Device Syncing 101: Getting Email on Your iPad

Hi, I’m Devin, a senior engineer and helpdesk manager at Fluid IT Services. With so many new communication methods, apps and devices coming out all the time, I’m often asked how to make all of these things work together. So today I’d like to talk to you about one of the most common requests I get from our helpdesk customers: How to set up your Microsoft Office 365 or Exchange email on your iPad.

ipad-settingsStep 1

From the home screen, find and tap your "Settings" icon. It’s the one with gears on it. Then, on the column on the left side, find and click “Mail, Contacts, Calendars."

Step 2

On the right column, under the Accounts section, click "Add Account." Here you will be presented with a list of different accounts you can set up on your iPad







ipad-email-settingsStep 3

In this list of account options, select "Microsoft Exchange." The next part is as simple as typing in your Email and password, and providing a simple description for this account.

If you receive an error about "Cannot Verify Server Identity" just click “Continue.”

Most accounts will self-configure at this point. Sometimes it will prompt you with additional options to configure. But if your iPad can’t find your settings, you may need to manually look up your Exchange server name. Here is an article that will help you with that.





ipad-email-settings-optionsStep 4

Once your account is configured, it will ask which items you want to sync. The options include Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Reminders.  We recommend syncing all items, but sometimes users just want to sync email alone.  If that is what you choose, just move the slider to “Off” on the other items.

Click “Done.”

Step 5

Now go to your iPad mail app and you will see the mail account syncing mail from the server.

Setting options

By default your iPad will only sync 3 days’ worth of mail. To change this, just go back to Settings, then “Mail, Contacts, Calendar,” and select the account you just created. Towards the bottom you will see "Mail Days to Sync". Click this and select the limit you would like. Most users select no limit. The more mail days you select, the more mail it downloads to the device and the more space it takes up on your iPad.

From the “Mail, Contacts, Calendar” page, you can also add and change signatures, tell your iPad how many emails to show at one time, even set your minimum font size. Explore all the settings and customize them to your liking.

Now you are an expert in setting up Exchange email on an iPad – but if you ever need assistance setting up your mobile device, feel free to call our helpdesk at 214-245-4117 or send us an email at We would be happy to assist you.