How to Build Your IT Structure from the Foundation Up

aligning business and ITMy father ran a fence and ranch supply business for 30 years without having any technology. He was quite proud of this. All receipts were handwritten and he did not take credit cards. But the simple truth is his business couldn’t exist that way today. You can’t run a business without technology anymore. Not just because it’s inefficient, but also because technology is now critical to providing customers with the best service and experience.

What are the baseline IT needs for my company?

Every company has baseline, foundational IT needs upon which business-specific technology is built. The great news is that baseline technology is similar for almost every company in every industry – so establishing your technology foundation should be pretty straightforward.

The Foundational Layer

In every company there will be layers of technical solutions, which are stacked to meet business needs. Business-specific technology is built on top of baseline technology, and users (employees, customers, vendors, ect.) are set up on top of it all.

Think about your baseline technology as the plumbing for your house. Plumbing is done first, unseen, and is critical to supporting the daily needs of the household. You build the house over and around the plumbing – and you build your business-specific technology over and around your baseline technology.

So what, specifically, is your baseline technology? It’s the core technology for communication and collaboration. They don’t call a technology network a “network” for nothing – your network connects all the pieces together so you can communicate.

Baseline technology typically includes:

  1. Security
  • Examples: firewall, anti-virus software
  • Examples: network switches, routers, wireless access points
  • Examples: network cabling for computers, phones, video, etc.
  • Examples: physical or cloud-based servers to host business software
  • Examples: laptops, desktops, tablets
  • Examples: Local or remote printers
  • Examples: Windows Server, remote access, email, data backup, accounting
  1. Networking
  1. Cabling
  1. Servers
  1. End-user devices
  1. Printing and imaging
  1. Core baseline software

Keep in mind that even baseline technology is not a “one and done” solution. All technology has a useful life — typically in the 3-5 year range — and must be replaced at the end of its lifespan. Plans and budgets should be developed to replace each accordingly.

The “House” Layer

Baseline technology – or your technology foundation – is very standardized and repeatable. It’s like toilet paper – everyone needs it and it must be continually replenished.

The next layer of technology, built on top of your baseline layer, is your business-specific technology. Think of this as the “house” that’s built over the foundation of the baseline layer. Most business verticals have a range of hardware and software solutions specific to the particular business – so this is where things get narrower in scope.

For example, someone in the oil and gas industry may use Well Pro 101 for their wells and OGSYS for geology data. A home builder may use BuildLinks software for construction management. These are solutions built on top of the baseline technology.

What Kind of Structure Do You Need?

When the time comes to determine your baseline and business-specific technology needs, at least two people need to be in the room:

1)    A skilled technical resource to define solutions to meet all your baseline needs

2)    A business person that can define the business requirements for the right business solutions

This is where the real value is – aligning the technology to the business!

Once you confirm your baseline technology needs and your business-specific technology needs, you will then need someone to support it all. Typically, IT support services are also broken down into baseline and business-specific.

Business-specific technologies are more commonly supported by the vendor that provides the solution. For example, BuildLinks, Inc. will support your BuildLinks software, and Programs 101 will support your Well Pro 101 software.

For your baseline technology support, however, there are thousands of IT service firms to choose from, because the technology is basically the same for any company in any industry. Choose someone who understands how all of the technology works together with your specific business needs and requirements.

Not to toot our own horn, but assessing your business requirements is where Fluid always begins every new client relationship – no matter how small or how large your company. We develop an IT roadmap for you and continually update it over time to ensure continual alignment between IT and business. Whoever you choose to work with, make sure they understand your business.