Fluid's Superhero Picks

Superhero movies are huge in 2014. X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Spider-Man are just a few coming out and our Fluid team cant wait. We decided to poll our employees and see who their favorite superheroes are and why. Some of these answers may surprise you. Ready, set, ACTION!

The Ninja Turtles

Chris Jazak : What’s cooler than a pizza eating crime fighting turtle. Cowabunga!








Lloyd Blondin: This is for obvious reasons, such as being a rich, flying man with toys. But for other reasons as well…

Batman goes beyond that. He steps down from the perch of his billionaire lifestyle and chooses to defend the people of Gotham city. He doesn’t fight for the sake of glory but claims the responsibility of being Batman as his duty and purpose. He does what is right regardless of context – even if his reputation and body have to pay the price.

Plus, he does it all without any real superpowers. He’s a man maximizing his resources to achieve his full potential.

Joshua Lane: When I was a kid, I loved to sneak around the house and scare my parents. Additionally, I also wanted the ability to fly. In my 6-year-old mind, those were the two “awesomest” skills anyone could have 96f7812b9aae3a5a85d60cfbf0973315[1]and Batman was the perfect combination of both. When I got older, Batman remained my favorite superhero for all of his technology (Batmobile, Bat Cave, etc.).


Wade Yeaman: He is strong and can fly.

The one that may surprise you….

Carlos Olivarez:

My favorite super hero was created by Mario Puzo and goes by the name of Vito Corleone.  If that does not ring a bell, you may know him better as The Godfather.  Ok, I know he was a fictional mob boss but aside from the gambling, booze, prostitution, and some sporadic killing, he was a family man that took care of his wife and kids and the community of Italian immigrants.

These people lived outside the law but also lived as outcasts of society back in 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s.  Italians were not protected by the government against discrimination when it came to jobs, housing, and banking but The Godfather provided for many of those that society forgot.  He did not wear a cape nor a G on his chest, he wore slick suits and shiny shoes.

He was always willing to hear your requests and tried his best to help everyone that asked.  He would only ask for your respect and at some point in the future, you may be able repay him in kind with a favor.  It’s amazing the things he could get done.  In politics, he could insure victory or defeat of any candidate.  In sporting events, he could accurately predict the outcome of a fight or a race, no matter what it took to make that prediction come true.

He was an expert negotiator and was known to be able make you an offer you couldn’t refuse.  He was a man of many talents.  He came from very humble roots and worked hard all his life to become a super hero to many, including myself.


Here are just a few we might be at the midnight showing for. What movie are you dying to see in 2014?

Guardians of the Galaxy

 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Captain America: The Winter Soldier