We Expanded! Welcome, Fluid New Hires Jaime and Jacob

The Fluid Family Just Had a Growth Spurt

It’s a good sign when the Fluid team expands. It means more small and medium-sized businesses in the Dallas area are growing, they’re realizing that they really need a trusted partner to manage their technological backbone – and we need to add more members to our team to make sure these businesses get the support they need. The hiring process is never a quick one for us. We look for a combination of smarts, experience and the kind of personality that doesn’t cringe at the thought of going to a superhero movie for a team event. New employees must also be able to stand our special way of doing fitness challenges… FluidFit We’re happy to say we’ve recently found two new unique matches for our unique team. Drumroll please…

The Fantastic Jaime Fuerman

DSC_0182Jaime Fuerman has a solid track record of experience in sales, marketing, staffing and business development. We needed someone who could get to know our customers and learn their businesses inside and out, and this is where Jaime shines. “My goal as a business development manager is to be the ‘eyes and ears’ for our clients and the local market so we can better understand their needs and continue to add value to their businesses,” Jaime shared. “By better understanding how their companies operate, I get to know what those businesses really need, want and value – and I can be a trusted resource for them.” Jaime believes a successful company is all about the people. She cares about her customers and has a genuine interest in getting to know them and their businesses so she can help them grow and succeed. So when we asked her what sold her on the Fluid team, it’s no surprise that she responded, “The way they believe in doing business, their genuine commitment to their clients’ success, and most importantly the people.” Apparently we charmed Jaime as much as she charmed us during the interview process. Because no Fluid getting-to-know-you interview is complete without us asking an embarrassing personal question, we asked Jaime to tell us something funny about herself. She said, “I love to dance, but I’m terrible at it. I always end up embarrassing myself.” Motivated, customer-focused and utterly charming. It’s really too bad Jaime is a Sooners fan.

The Captivating Jacob Caramanna

DSC_0163When we needed some extra help-desk and customer support, Jacob Caramanna fit the bill nicely. He believes in trust, respect and mutual gain, and his ultimate goal is for our customers to be able to speak with him on a first-name basis. “I want Fluid’s clients to know that no matter what the issue is, if they pick up the phone then that problem will be resolved,” he told us. “I work hard to learn and progress both professionally as well as personally. If I don’t have the answers then I make it my priority to learn and find out.” Though Jacob is a full-time student earning a bachelor’s degree in networking and server administration, he is one of our most life-experienced new hires. He served in the Navy for 6 years as a radar technician, an intense job that taught him how to adapt and work well under pressure. When Jacob isn’t helping Fluid customers solve their pressing technology problems, he’s looking up toward the heavens. “I am a huge astronomy nerd. An all-around nerd, for that matter,” he said. “I love music, movies, games, reading and anything that lets me interact with others. I actually didn’t learn to read until I was nine, though, because when people read to me, I could memorize what they said. Yeah, it took my teachers three years to figure that one out.” Jacob, you’ll fit in nicely with this funny, geeky bunch. Want to welcome our new hires personally? Tweet them and say hello at @fluiditservices.