Bandwidth or Bust! Part Two - Read the Fine Print

Tech Nugget – Synchronous versus Asynchronous Internet Service

So what is it and why is it important? It is extremely important because it dictates how your service is delivered. By now, you probably have heard someone say you can get “x meg down” and “y meg up” with your service.


When the speed of download is different than the speed of upload, the service is asynchronous, or different between download and upload. In asynchronous service the download speeds are higher than the upload speeds because a majority of Internet users spend more time downloading. But that doesn’t mean it will be best for your business.

Synchronous Internet service is when the download speeds are equal to the upload speeds. So if you have “10 meg service,” you are receiving 10 meg for both upload and download.

This is important because many Internet providers will accentuate their download speeds and downplay the upload speeds when selling their service. The truth is that businesses today will need higher upload speeds when using all their cloud services. Having the same speeds up and down can make or break the usefulness of the service.

Taking one of our clients as an example, they were sold “high-speed Internet” from a cable provider, which has speeds of “75 meg”.  The reality is they have 75 meg download and 5 meg upload.  That is a big difference!  The small 5 meg upload speed is not enough to meet their business needs.