The 5 Advantages of Hosting Office in the Cloud

Microsoft Office is ubiquitous. Almost every business and every professional at every level uses this collection of desktop applications. This software has become vital to daily operations. With Office 365, Microsoft moved Office to the cloud and created a subscription system to replace the old single-license-fee system. It really upset the status quo – but people are finally starting to see the benefits of the new cloud-based suite of applications.


The whole Fluid whole team uses Office in the cloud, in fact. Here are five reasons why we love it:

1. Ability to Access It From Any Computer

With a subscription to Office 365, you have so many options for how to use the applications.

  • You can use one of the licenses to install the full suite on a computer, which also allows you to work offline (yes, even on a Mac!)
  • You can use the Office on Demand option to temporarily stream an installation of any Office application to any Windows PC
  • You can use Office Online right in your browser
  • You can use a mobile app on your Android, Windows or iOS device

2. Ability to Access It From Anywhere

Whether you want to work from the office, from home, or from a hotel room on a business trip, having Office in the cloud lets you work from any location.

If you have downloaded the full suite to your computer, you don’t even need an Internet connection in order to use the software. But with an Internet connection, you have a wide range of ways to use each application.

3. Never Have to Update, Install or Manage the Software

No more installing updates or patches. No more buying the latest version of the Office suite or any of the apps. With Office in the cloud, all of the software management is done for you. You get the convenience of always having the latest and greatest version of each application – even if you are using the downloaded desktop version of Office 365.

4. Same Look and Feel As Office on a Desktop

There is no difference in the user experience between subscribing to Office 365 and the old way of purchasing Office from a disc or a direct download. The apps have the same functionality, and the same look and feel.

5. Share Documents Easily and Efficiently

Because Office is such universal software, using it ensures you are able to share documents with others easily and efficiently. You won’t run into any compatibility issues, for example, sending a client a Word doc to look over. Almost everyone uses Word for word processing! And every other word processor out there is able to work with Word docs.

Microsoft also recently expanded our ability to share Office files by adding OneDrive for cloud storage and file sharing.

Why Get Hosted Office Instead of Buying Directly from Microsoft?

If buying Office 365 directly from Microsoft is so easy and convenient, why would you want to buy Office through a hosting provider? We’re glad you asked.

Buying Office 365 through a host like Fluid IT Services, you’ll get:

  • Better technical support via our helpdesk (no offshore call-center scripting to wade through)
  • Consistency in deployment of Office 365 throughout your organization
  • Expert technical help in setting up Office 365 to ensure it is done correctly
  • Training on how to use all the benefits of Office 365, including how to use file sharing with OneDrive

Want to learn more? We’re waiting by the phone to answer your questions and get you set up with this critical business software.